If you could achieve your financial goals by simply putting money in the bank, you wouldn’t need a financial plan. Unfortunately, life is a little more complex. It’s hard to understand the intricacies of investment, taxation and ever-changing rules and regulations, therefore you need professional help. Meet the team.
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Paul Richardson


Paul Richardson has been working in the Financial Services industry since 2004 and as a result he found a true passion in Financial Planning and assisting clients in achieving goals. In turn this would help afford them their dream lifestyles. 

Paul is an avid surfer and has been able to carve out a healthy lifestyle balance between work and chasing waves. 

It’s a lifestyle that kindles his passion for helping clients eliminate some of the stresses involved with managing their finances. This allows them to focus primarily on living happily and comfortably while planning for a rewarding future.

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Carole Lange



Carole has spent the last decade working in the financial services industry, as a result has found a passion for combining her strategy knowledge, number crunching skills and creative flair to create “Statement of Advice” documents. 

This makes it simple for clients to understand and visualise their advice.


In her spare time, Carole enjoys spending time with her family and various artistic pursuits.

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Emma Grainger



Emma has been working in the financial planning industry for 10 years, 

providing high level support to advisers and clients. Emma also completed her Advanced Financial Planning diploma in 2017.


Firstly, she is passionate about assisting advisers with strategy development, in particular wealth protection and insurance strategies. 


Secondly, she manages all ongoing insurance claims for our clients and works closely with them to ensure their financial affairs are simplified and easy to understand.


In her spare time Emma enjoys spending time with her friends and family.



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Robyn Rowson




Robyn has over 14 years experience in the financial planning industry focusing on the areas that increase efficiency.


She has the ability to look at the business from three different angles, as an Operations Manager as well as a Data Technician and Assistant Client Services Officer.



In addition, she has set up multiple Financial Planning departments which included data conversions, recruitment and staff & Adviser training.  During the setting up of these departments Robyn also held the position of Practice Manager. Her proficiency with the financial planning software is evident having over 12 years experience with multiple programs.

Parastoo Ehsani

Parastoo Ehsani



Paras is currently in her last semester of studying a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in finance and financial planning.


Over the course of her degree she has gained a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge. She is now eager to apply that to an expertise job.


Over the past 3 years of her degree, she took advantage of job offers and internship opportunities and took part in a summer job at a financial planning firm as a client service officer, where she was able to apply her knowledge from her studies as well as using her experience at work to better understand the content of her degree.


Paras now joins the Generation Private Wealth team as an Assistant Clients Service Officer.


Generation Private Wealth Team




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Todd Pulford



Todd has been a part of the Generation team since early 2018.

He has a background in owning and operating several successful small businesses over the last 20 years and as a result has a good understanding of all client’s needs. From the first home owner to the experienced property investor Todd has excelled in his role.

Todd understands the importance of our clients having the best loan structure and flexibility in a product that best suits their overall financial plan and goals for future wealth creation.

He has carved out a niche in this space and excels in providing the client with advice on the best structure for their specific circumstances, always keeping their end goal in mind.

Todd is heavily involved in the local Gold Coast community as an AFL junior coach at the Broadbeach Cats, across several age groups.

His passion is coaching, whether it be financial or sporting as he loves seeing the results of what a dedicated team can achieve.  

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Tony Tomlin



Tony has over 20 years’ experience in finance and during his career he has worked for mortgage brokerages, banks, lenders and aggregators in both Australia and the UK.


He is tenacious about finding the right home loan for his clients, ensuring all needs and requirements are met or exceeded.


Working for Generation Private Finance has allowed him to achieve his ideal work/life balance.


He is an avid Rugby Union fan and thoroughly enjoys living on the Gold Coast with his young family.