Total & Permanent Disability (TPD) Insurance


Protection when you are not able to work again


Being unable to ever work again due to total and permanent disability would have serious emotional and financial impact on you and your family. Having adequate cover in place for such an event can help secure your financial future and give you peace of mind.  


How can TPD help?

TPD Insurance pays a lump sum benefit to you in the event of total and permanent disability as a result of sickness or injury. This means if you can no longer return to either your usual or casual occupation or any occupation (depending on your chosen policy), you get a payout.

You choose the level of cover at time of application that best meets your circumstances and budget.

This payment could provide you with financial security by ensuring there is enough money to;

– cover any unexpected medical treatment for your condition

– Pay off debts

– Provide a lump sum which could be invested to provide you with ongoing income stream and top up any income protection benefit..

Consider this…..


You have recently started work as a General Practitioner in a local doctor’s surgery after many years of study. You have purchased a home and have a $400,000 mortgage. 

Then….. You are in a serious car accident and suffer permanent injuries to your back which will prevent you from every working again. 

How would you meet your mortgage repayments and daily living expenses. Do you have access to capital to modify your home if needed and over the expenses of rehabilitation?

How would you cope financially?